Data collection using smartphones


The company 3EK Exhibitions Organizers presents a new, innovative system of gathering the visitor’s professional contact data from exhibitors themselves, with the most easier and direct way. The registration is made electronically, by “scanning” the barcode or the QRcode that is printed on the entrace card of each visitor from the exhibitors smartphone. In this way, the exhibitor has the ability to save with one move all the necessary contact data of each visitor in his stand and moreover to keep notes about him i.e. “call him on Monday because he wants to make a big order”. The data are gathered in a processed file and are immediately accessible from the exhibitor not only though his own smartphone but through his email too. With this procedure the exhibitor saves valuable time and organizes with the best way his marketing strategy and doesn’t have to collect business cards anymore and keep hand notes. Everything that he needs for his clients-visitors of his stand is now gathered in his smartphone and simultaneously at his email!.

This application is compatible with all Android, IOS and Winowssmartphones.


3EK offers to the interested exhibitors this innovative service with a cost of 100€ for 2 codes (2 smartphones)

For each extra code (each code sets on operation the service in one smartphone) please contact the data processing company “EXPODATA” at the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Προβολή Εκθετών / Exhibitors Promotion