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Preliminary Exhibitors List

2018 Promotion Program

  • Postal and electronic dispatch of 130.000 invitations in Greece.
  • Postal and electronic dispatch of 10.000 English invitations to Balcan countries, Europe, Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Israel and Egypt.
  • Printed and electronic information to candidate International Hosted Buyers from the selected countries.
  • Personal postal and electronic invitations, to all visitors of Syskevasia from 2004 and on.
  • Invitations dispatch by group email to targeted visitors groups such as large Greek companies, multinationals (food, drinks, cosmetics, chemicals, lubricants, detergents and others), S/M, minimarkets wine producers, olive oil producers, bakeries and confectionary companies, catering, processors and standardizers of meat, sausages, dairy, honey, biological products, fruits & vegetables, producers and processors of plastic products of all types, wholesalers, retailers, export companies, etc.
  • Press release dispatch to 150 papers and branch journals in Greece and abroad.
  • Advertising in 15 branch journals and trade papers in Greece.
  • Promotion of our exhibitions for 1 year in the packaging journal All Pack Hellas.
  • Continuous promotion of our exhibitions through our sites www.syskevasia-expo.gr and www.plastica-expo.gr for 1 year.
  • Electronic dispatch of press release to 30 electronic sites and electronic papers.
  • Television advertising in 3-5 selected TV stations of national coverage.
  • Radio advertising 2-4 chosen radio stations.
  • Sms campaign to 30.000 receivers in Greece.
  • Electronic promotion of 2018 exhibitors through our sites after the completion of our exhibitions for 2 years.

Stand prices & Services

  • Shell scheme stand price includes
  • Silver aluminium frame, beige melamine panels 6 mm thick, 2,5 m high, open ceiling & metallic fascia
  • Nameboard with even letters
  • Three spotlights of 100 Watt per 10 m2
  • One plug 500W/220V per exhibitor, if necessary
  • One closed desk with three chairs per 20 m2
  • Carpet beige color
  • Services
  • Services included in price of shell scheme stand or only space
  • Catalog registration by alphabetical order in Greek & English
  • One printed official exhibitors’ catalog
  • Exhibitors’ presentation for two years in exhibition site
  • Sufficient number of visitors invitations in Greek
  • Sufficient number of visitors invitations in English
  • One –two souvenir posters

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