Analytic Exhibition Categories

See analytically below all the exhibition categories per hall of the SYSKEVASIA exhibition.


  • Packaging machines and systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Printing machines for digital printing, offset, silkscreen, gold printing, etc
  • Processing and standardization machines for food, drinks, agricultural products, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals
  • Systems, Machines, Equipment & Materials for Storage, Distribution & Transport – Logistics ( warehouse-computer & logistics systems – rfid – barcode, forklifts, lifting machinery, pallet trucks, clarks, shelves, trolleys, industrial refrigeration, professional vehicles, transport packaging & repackaging)
  • Logistics – Transport services (3PL, 4PL, road-maritime-air transports, courier companies, consultants)
  • Cooling, ventilating and air conditioning machines
  • Recycling machines for paper, glass, aluminum and tin
  • Complementary equipment such as air-compressors, pumps, valves and piping
  • Balances and scales of industrial, wholesale and retail use
  • Instruments for quality control, measurement, automations, laboratories
  • Transmission of motion systems
  • POS devices and cash registers
  • CIP cleaning systems
  • Industrial flooring


  • Raw and semi processed materials for packaging products
  • Paper, glass, plastic, metallic, fabric and wood packaging for industrial, agricultural, storage and consumer uses
  • Printing Show Products
  • Packaging supplements such as labels, tapes, stirrups, ribbons, wrapping papers, cords, wires, felizol, polystyrene, etc.
  • Ecological, custom-made, export and advertising packages and stands
  • Metallic and plastic tanks and containers for olive oil, wine, honey, milk, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biological cleaning, etc.
  • Recycling buckets
  • Chemicals, colors, inks and other printing materials
  • Design and artwork for new packaging
  • Nanotechnology of packaging materials
  • Software systems, barcodes, rfid, etc
  • Packaging services: company associations, scientific unions, printed and electronic, journals, environmental entities, internet knobs, banks, insurance companies, embassies and chambers of commerce