Exhibition Categories

See below all the exhibition categories of the 2nd PRINTING SHOW,

as part of the SYSKEVASIA exhibition.


Pre – Printing, Printing, Finishing / Processing Systems

Machines for Printing Offset, Rotogravure, Foil stamping, Holography, Lithography, Metal, Silkscreen, Flexography, Copper engraving, Engraving, Stamping, Signing, Plasticization, Marking, Stapling

Printing & Application Labeling Systems & Machines

Recording & Printing CD-DVD Machines

Photocopiers, Photographics

Printing Equipment for Industries, Services Providers Companies, Offices & Stores.

Second hand Graphic Arts Machines.

Waste Recycling Graphic Arts Machines & Equipment.

Digital & 3D Printing Machines

Paper & Cardboard Processing Systems & Machines

Bookbinding Equipment

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Systems

UV & Laser Machines


Lamps, Grinders, Cylinders, Cliches, Moulds, Offset Plates, Frames, Cutting, Brushes, Rubbers, Engraving

Materials for Design Studios

Inks, Polishes, Adhesives substances, Chemicals, Toners, Glues

Book Binding materials

Papers for all kinds of Printing

Labeling materials

Data Processing/computerized paper

Control & Measurement Devices

Spare Parts & Consumables

Finishing materials

Display systems

Security technology


Paper, Tissue, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Tin Plate, Plexiglass, Wood

Packaging materials

Fabrics, Embroderies, Clothes, Wall papers, Tents

Decoration (interior & exterior)

Electronic materials

Mass Food service

Promotional Gifts, Tickets

Display systems & Visual communication

Cards, Calling cards

Artistic Reproduction

Vehicles & Buildings & Stores Surfaces

Digital Albums



Congresses, Exhibitions


Printing Designing (Design Studios)

Graphic Arts Software

Designing & Development of Web services & Applications

Marketing & Advertising companies

Associations, Magazines, e-shops, Universities, Colleges

Cross Media services