Promotion Program

See below the promotion program of the SYSKEVASIA & PLASTICA exhibitions.

Postal and electronic dispatch of 130.000 invitations in Greece.

Postal and electronic dispatch of 10.000 English invitations to Balcan countries, Europe,Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Israel and Egypt.

Printed and electronic information to candidate International Hosted Buyers from selected countries.

Personal (barcode), postal and electronic invitations to all Exhibition’s past visitors.

Invitations dispatch by group email to targeted visitors groups such as large Greek companies & multinationals (food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, lubricants, detergents, metals and others),to cooperatives, logistics companies, S/M, minimarkets, wine producers, olive oil producers, bakeries, confectionary companies, catering, meat processors & standardizers, sausages, dairy, honey, biological products, fruits & vegetables, producers, processors & recyclers of plastic products of all types, wholesalers, retailers, export companies, graphic arts companies & users, marketing & advertising companies, regions, municipalities, industrial-medical & universities laboratories, research centres & institutes, state organizations & companies.

Press release dispatch to150 newspapers and branch journals in Greece and abroad.

Advertisements in 30 branch journals and trade papers in

Exhibition’s promotion banners to our supporter’s/sponsor’s websites.

Continuous promotion of our exhibitions through our websitesfor 2–3 years accordingly.

Electronic dispatch of press releases to 30 websites and electronic newspapers.

Television campaign at selected TV stations of national coverage.

Radio spots campaign at selected radio stations.

Sms campaign to 30.000 Greek trade visitors.

Electronic promotion of 2020 exhibitors through our websites after the completion of our exhibitions for 2-3 years accordingly.