After an unprecedented successful Syskevasia Packaging Exhibition in 2022 with 370 participants from Greece and abroad and with the number of professional visitors surpassing 19,000, once again, a dynamic message was sent regarding the significant importance of the packaging industry.

We therefore have the great pleasure to communicate to you the carrying out of the trade exhibition Syskevasia 24 – 18th International Exhibition of Packaging, Machines, Printing & Logistics, and Retail Pack ’24 – 1st Exhibition of Wholesale Packaging for Retail Trade at Athens Metropolitan Expo from October 31 to November 3, 2024.


The long awaited and established 18th Syskevasia is ready to welcome hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors, serving as the focal point of developments, innovations, and networking during the four days of operation!

Printing Show

For the second consecutive time, the Printing Show will befeatured  in Hall 2 in the frame of Syskevasia, providing an excellent opportunity for the presentation of Graphic Arts & Printing. Following our past experience, we have formed a specially designed section with the intention to have a more effective promotion of products, services and innovative solutions for the fields of printing, graphic arts, signage, display, and communication.

Retail Pack

For the first time, alongside SYSKEVASIA, Retail Pack Exhibition will take place in a separate hall. Its goal is to provide a unique opportunity for the packaging industry to meet the large sector of retail trade. Participants will include companies engaged in the production and marketing of packaging and wholesale retail equipment, as well as service providers for Retail Technology & E-Commerce.

During the Exhibitions, parallel events such as seminars, workshops, and speeches by scientific bodies, associations, federations, as well as representatives of exhibitors, business, and industry will be held in the conference hall of Metropolitan Expo. Prominent professionals and specialized representatives of organizations will significantly enhance the participation of companies and support the exhibition event.


Syskevasia 22 – 17th International Packaging, Machines, Printing and Logistics Exhibition, Plastica 22 – 11th International Plastics, Machines, Molds and Recycling Exhibition and

Chem 22 – 11th Chemicals, Equipment and Quality Control Exhibition took place at Athens Metropolitan Expo meeting with great success.

After an absence of 4 years due to Covid19, our Exhibitions came back more dynamic and renewed with new participations, innovate products and services. There was an increase of participations reaching the number of 370 companies from Greece and abroad, but also about 19.000 professional visitors were present in the stands, contributing the maximum in the perfect delivery of the exhibition laying the basis for even greater success in the future.

More than 90% of above-mentioned exhibitors stated very pleased with the results of their participation and they already expressed their interest for the next organization, thus, it is evident that our exhibitions surpassed every expectation with the interest been sufficiently high.

In parallel with our Exhibitions once more we were sponsors and hosted events, congresses, conferences and speeches organized by exhibitors and associations, which supported our Exhibitions and contributed not only for the Exhibitions’ success but also to their further promotion.

The Exhibitions advertising and promotion program was increased through all media (TV+RADIO), trade journals, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and for the first time, a large advertising campaign with great interest was materialized through Google Ads.

We thank everyone who supported this effort honoring us through their presence.

We look forward to see you again in 2024!

Our Company, Exhibitions Organizers for the last 35 years, is in the pleasant position to announce you that our Exhibitions are back, operative, safe and ready to bring together and serve exhibitors and visitors, becoming for once more the crossroad and key point for professional meetings, commercial transactions, promotion and advertising.

After the official restart of the Exhibitions, our company with its new trade title “PL EVENTS” (formal 3EK) starts, prepares and returns dynamically in organizing the next exhibitions:

Syskevasia(Packaging): 30 September – 3 October 2022

Chem/Ecolink & Plastica: 30 September – 2 October 2022

Above shows will take place at Athens Metropolitan Expo Center at El. Venizelos Airport, the most modern exhibition center in our country, having obtained the TUV Austria Covid-Shield certification, applying all required protection and sanitary measures for Covid-19.

The preparation for this big exhibition event has started and already the market interest is quite high, with more than 200 exhibitors having booked their stands, while several more from Greece and abroad will be added.

As always, in parallel with our exhibitions, trade associations, media partners and exhibitors will organize events, day conferences and congresses.

Last but not least, we would like to thank exhibitors, visitors and trade media for their support, interest and trust shown to us during this pandemic and we look forward to Meet you On Site !

Based on the public health and safety of all of us, we would like to inform you that Syskevasia, Plastica & Chem / Ecolink exhibitions will be transferred to Athens Metropolitan Expo in May 2021.

The company 3EK, with 35 years of success in organizing trade fairs, sets as priorities  the commercial activity of the exhibitors and the optimal service of the visitors.

With motto Restart and with respect to the desire of the vast majority of our customers to transfer the exhibitions, we announce the following dates:

  • Packaging at its best – Syskevasia 21: 17th International Exhibition of Packaging, Machinery, Printing & Logistics | Halls 2 & 3
  • Special Section Printing: Presentation of Related Graphic Arts & Printing | Hall 2
  • Advanced Technology – Plastica 21: 11th International Exhibition of Plastics, Machinery, Molds & Recycling | Hall 4

  • Research & Development – Chem 21: 11th Chemical, Equipment & Quality Control Report – EcoLink 21: Water & Waste Treatment Report | Hall 1
  • Special Section Medical Foundation – Health Lab 21: Presentation of Laboratory Equipment, Health Technology & Bio Sciences | Hall 1

Exhibitions’ Profile – Special Sections & Parallel Events

Based on our initial planning, we inform you that 70% of the exhibitors have confirmed their participation on the above dates.

The exhibitions, which are an institution for the sectors of packaging, plastics, chemistry and the environment, are expected to have a large number of exhibitors and to attract several commercial visitors from Greece and abroad, covering all 4 Halls of the Metropolitan Expo.

For the first time, the special section Printing – Presentation of Related Graphic Arts & Prints will be inserted in hall 2 of Syskevasia. We have organized a specially designed space for companies to promote products, services and optimal solutions for the field of printing, graphic arts, signing, promotion and communication.

Insert in the Chem / Ecolink exhibition in hall 1, we carry out the special section Health Lab for the 2nd time to give the opportunity to companies of laboratory equipment, health technology and life sciences to participate.

During the exhibitions in specially designed halls, parallel events will take place, such as conferences, workshops, lectures by scientific bodies, associations, federations and representatives of the business and industrial sector. Well-known professionals and specialized representatives of institutions will give dynamic presence by supporting the participating companies.

In the same exhibition center, in different halls, exhibitors will have the opportunity to talk to interested customers, promote their products and services and close trade agreements.

Our exhibitions have become synonymous with success, as the participating companies developed their clientele and their products. In October 2018, Syskevasia & Plastica Exhibitions, held at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, were attended by 330 exhibitors from Greece and abroad, while we recorded 17,000 commercial visitors. Chem / Ecolink / Health Lab, in 2017, was attended by 70 companies and 3,000 commercial and scientific visitors.

Expression of Interest – Information

Due to bookings – confirmations, any company interested in participating can contact and the competent partner will inform you in detail about the program and availability.

In the following links you can see detailed information for each exhibition separately:

In the links below you can see in detail about: