Below you can see the innovations of SYSKEVASIA21.

Parallel Exhibitions:

Plastica 21 (21-24 May)

Chem/Ecolink/HealthLab 21 (21-23 May)

Special Presentation: 1st Printing Show

Processing & Standardizing Machines for Food, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Agricultural Products, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Detergents

  • Mailing of 10.000 Additional Printed / Electronic Invitations to the Following Sectors:
  • Cultivation, Production, Wholesale, Retail & Distribution of Agricultural & Organic Products
  •  Graphic Arts and

Supermarkets, Minimarket & Grocery Stores

Free Distribution of Exhibitor’s Catalogue to Trade Visitors

Free Online Visitor’s Invitations available before the Exhibitions

More Foreign Exhibitors and Visitors