Visitors’ Profile

See below the visitors’ profiles of the Retail Pack,

as part of the SYSKEVASIAexhibition.

  • Packaging & Equipment for the Retail market shops.
  • Hyper markets, Super markets, mini markets, groceries, meat shops, fish shops, fruit & vegetable shops, liquor stores, nuts shops, kiosks, etc.
  • Restaurants, taverns, fast food, steak houses, bakeries, confectionery shops, organic products stores, coffee shops, bars, etc.
  • Catering companies, hotels, shipping/ tourist companies.
  • Paper products, books, batteries, plastics, cleaning and packaging shops.
  • Clothes, shoes, sport products, wedding and baptism shops.
  • Flowers, plants, nurseries, agriculture, pet shops
  • Paints, plumping, lighting equipment, electric/ electronics, white appliances, mobile phones, computers, gadgets shops
  • Toys, gifts and jewelry shops
  • E-commerce and courier companies & shops
  • Pharmacies and beauty shops