Exhibition Categories

See below the exhibition categories of the Retail Pack,

as part of the SYSKEVASIAexhibition.

  • Packaging & Equipment for the Retail market shops.
  • Papers, cartons, paper bags, wrapping papers, boxes, paper boxes, stickers, disposable paper packaging, paper pockets, paper cells
  • Plastic films, bottles, pockets, bags, bowls, tuppers, food boxes, small trays, rolls, cellophane, nylon, cases, stretch film, membranes, ribbons, knots, felizol, inflated polystyrene, aeroplast, cutlery.
  • Glass bottles, cups and corks
  • Linen & fabric bags, pockets and small pockets
  • Aluminium packaging
  • Wood packaging, pallets
  • Eco packaging, thermal insulating/ isothermal, promotional, facon, storage packaging
  • Smart & connected packaging
  • Metallic shelves, carriages
  • Tapes, labels, straps, ropes, laces, nets, sacks, baskets, caskets, delivery boxes
  • Printing packaging, promotion showcases, price indication systems
  • Cashier machines, POS, scales, wireless ordering software, electronic devices
  • Cleaning products and systems
  • Online services & computerization, software and retail marketing ( CRM, ERP)
  • Other relevant retail services